Referential: The Purpose of Life

What we are    ·   Who we are    ·   Where are we going


Is   Everything that exists
Purpose   To be


Is   Part of the world

A system that grows and breeds, reacts and adapts, changes and evolves

Purpose   To exist and to exist better

Intelligent Life

Is   Life, presenting self awareness, autonomy and cognitive capabilities, in levels close to or above human beings
Purpose   To exist and to exist better

To understand the World

Human Kind

Is   Intelligent life

All living beings belonging to the species Homo sapiens

All human societies, human culture and technology.

Purpose   1st Priority: To exist and to exist better

2nd Priority: To understand the World and to make it better

3rd Priority:

  • To become more intelligent
  • To seek for knowledge
  • To spread
  • To help life and intelligent life, as an whole
  • To preserve and promote diversity and biodiversity
  • To go where no one has gone before

Great Mind

Is   Part of the Human Kind

An intelligent being made of memory, knowledge and cognitive capabilities provided by technology, networking and people

Purpose   To help the Human Kind


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